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    Biohacking Your ECS: #ChasingAnandamide (Part 1)

    Welcome to #ChasingAnandamide, a collection of 12 educational articles that I’m developing in collaboration with The Health Cannabist. This series will dive into the intersection of life where endurance exercise, herbal molecules called cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and positive attitude/use with intent can result in markedly improved health and wellness. #ChasingAnandamide is a series about treating disease and dealing with some of life’s common physical and psychological health challenges, including anxiety, depression, lethargy, and pain—conditions that affect hundreds of millions of North Americans on a daily basis. Biohacking + Performance Enhancement Biohacking, an emerging trend that is sometimes defined as “do-it-yourself biology” and “self-experimentation in medicine,”…

  • acute inflammation heals

    Acute Inflammation: Health Friend or Foe?

    Based on what we see and hear, it seems like inflammation is the basis for all health problems. The buzz surrounding inflammation certainly doesn't tout any attributes. How is it that I can have such gratitude for acute inflammation?

  • #HFCC Genesis

    What is #HFCC all about?

    What is a #HFCC? What does this hashtag represent? A chemical? A reference to a gene? Maybe a hip new brand. Perhaps a fad diet? Does it even pertain to cannabis or health?

  • black market cannabis

    Buying Black Market Cannabis | How to Ensure Safe & Effective Cannabis Medicine

    Times and public opinion are changing. The discussion of cannabis as medicine and its accessibility to all seems to be the general topic of the day. Medical Marijuana is now legal in 33 States and 10 States, along with Washington D.C., have fully legalized recreational cannabis consumption. As of the end of 2018, cannabis is decriminalized in another 13 States. The fact it's still Federally illegal hasn't slipped anyone's mind. Until a minute and a half ago, cannabis patients had been forced to procure their medicine through questionable and dangerous means. A friend of a friend of a friend. A random passerby with a black-bottomed lighter. A sketchy Craigslist ad.

  • quit weed

    I Quit Weed | Dear Weed: It’s Over

    Writing this letter is as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. It’s time to part ways and move on. When we were introduced, you were all I knew of your kind of good time. You and your friends (especially Pot and Bud) were nice enough.

  • Cannabis and Running

    Running High: #ChasingAnandamide

    Every runner has their rituals; I'm no exception. Before I lace up my sneakers, don my appropriate running attire, and cue up my playlist, I start with cannabis. I select an uplifting strain and mix it with some bud leftover from the previous evening, something I call a "salad." Today’s salad is a strain labeled Strawberry Diesel topped with some Cheese. I give little heed to strain names or the labels indica and sativa—and neither should you.

  • How to Store Cannabis the Right Way

    How to correctly store your cannabis should be your most important concern after procuring it. Improperly stored cannabis risks losing potency and flavor. Even scarier,  you compromise your health when you open your stash and find it covered in a mystery white substance or it’s crumbled to dry dust. Simply tossing your bag of beautiful buds into your stash box can be like throwing good money down the drain. With just a few simple considerations, you can reopen your trove and expect your cannabis to be as fresh and potent as when you closed the lid. Store Weed to Keep it Fresh Fresh Cannabis = Potency & Flavor Now that you’ve…

  • how to not smell like weed

    How to Not Smell Like Weed

    Who doesn't love the smell of weed? Ahem. I mean Cannabis. A lot of people, apparently. Before I was introduced to the wonderful world of vaping, I had to worry about getting 'busted.' Agonizing over whether or not my house, my car, or myself smelled like Cannabis. Even when you live in a State where marijuana is legal, there will always be a time that you need to not smell like you hot-boxed with Cheech and Chong. Fast.