Hello, my name is Elizabeth and I’m a *cough* pot smoker *cough.* Actually, I’m a health a fitness fanatic that also happens to consume Cannabis regularly as part of my wellness program.

Welcome to The Health Cannabist!

A place where a healthy lifestyle and Cannabis come together. I believe that consuming Cannabis, in any of its therapeutic forms, can be an integral part of what contributes to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

  • Are you new to Cannabis or reacquainting with marijuana and want to incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle?
  • Are you wondering how Cannabis can enhance (not just elevate) your workouts and efforts at dieting and nutrition?
  • Are you a Medical Marijuana patient seeking information on how to dose most effectively with workouts?
  • Are you a health and fitness junkie looking for that other piece to the puzzle to help round out your program?
  • Want to know when to puff and when to pass?
  • Do you want to learn the differences between THC and CBD and how you can harness their effects to better your workouts? Your nutrition? Your health? Your LIFE?

I will show you the most efficient and effective path to reach your health and fitness goal. Ask me all your health, fitness, and Cannabis questions. I am here to teach you the hows, the whys, and the maybes. You can have the life you want with the healthy body you want.

Whether it’s the non-psychoactive CBD form of Cannabis that you want to integrate as part of your program, or you need the full-body effects of an individual strain to counteract any negative effects of training, you are in the right place.

A Serious Confession/Secret of a Personal Trainer

I have been studying, practicing, and coaching health, fitness, and nutrition for decades, all the while a (mostly) closeted pot smoker (sorry, Grandma). I have been fortunate enough to work with thousands of people on a one-on-one basis, helping them achieve their optimal health and fitness.

My clients often joke that trainers often double as therapists. At any given point, I’ve had at least a couple of clients that would eventually ‘admit’ to Marijuana use. Now, with the recent legalizations popping up around the country, there are more and more clients using Cannabis and reporting their experiences. Although in no official study capacity,  I’ve been able to observe what the addition of Cannabis to a wellness program can do, and it’s quite remarkable.

The purpose of this site is to share with you everything I know about Cannabis and how it relates to your health, fitness, nutrition. I’ve spent decades honing my craft, now I show people like you how to incorporate Cannabis into your life to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Here are just a few things you’ll learn here:

  • All the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way that can make or break your progress.
  • The multitude of ways to consume Cannabis and how each has its own advantages.
  • How to make sure the tools you choose are the best health wise and promise the best experience.
  • What the latest evidence is telling us as it pertains to health, fitness, and Cannabis.
  • How the ‘stoner’ stereotype, although at times is hilarious, is more often than not, farthest from the truth and that Cannabis consumers are among the healthiest and fittest people I know.

First, let me start by saying I am by no means an expert. An expert today, tomorrow…? Current information is just that. Current. If I’ve learned anything about nutrition and information, it’s that there is no absolute and what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for another. First, fat was the enemy. Then it was bread, then, just gluten, then it’s all meat, no wait, just processed meats, high fructose corn syrup, and on and on. All these headlines brought to us by the current expert. Information updates by the minute. And I question all of it.

What Makes Me Tick

I was that kid in class that when my hand went up, it was often met with eye rolls. So sorry. If there’s some discrepancy or something that doesn’t make perfect sense to me…it’s a crippling tick of mine to get the facts straight. At the time, I saw no issue with a lengthy debate over what was a most likely mundane inconsistency. I made the terrible assumption that the whole class couldn’t go on either. Again, my apologies to all my former classmates, and especially to my poor teachers. How exacerbating I must have been.

Today, I pour through every bit of information I can get my hands on and check in with credible sources on the subject. I look at the science behind whatever the claim. I don’t stop until I get some clarity. I’m still that kid that needs to know why and make sense of everything. I need to know how something works, physiologically speaking. I was never satisfied with ‘because I said so.’ Guess who got grounded a lot? This girl.

You probably have a good idea about what may be deemed ‘healthy.’  You may have even have delved into some research and became overwhelmed or clueless on how to put it all together to make it work for you. It’s easy to fall for what is a great marketing campaign and not even realize that the ‘studies’ showing that something is safe/healthy are actually funded by the companies that sell/make said healthy product. A little transparency would be nice. I make it my mission to decipher all of the headlines and data and discern what is relevant and how to apply it to you.

The techniques and methods I share come from scientifically backed standpoints and time-tested practices that I’ve accumulated over my career. I use the same principles in my own life in addition to my clients’ programs.

Let me repeat, I don’t know everything. I do know that new studies and information come out daily. New information that often contradicts what we know as ‘true.’ It can be discouraging to have to re-learn what is ‘true.’ Allow me to save you the hassle of trying to constantly ‘figure it out’ and get you straight to results in your health. Even if you’ve failed in the past, I won’t stop until I’ve found your particular solution. Many times, the tweak needed is something you would think to be insignificant and it’s life-altering to find that that missing piece. For many, that missing piece is Cannabis.

My Love Affair with Cannabis

I’m an ‘old school’ pot smoker. Like many, I was first introduced to ‘weed’ as a youngish teen (again, sorry, Grandma.) Long before vaping was a mainstream thing and when Cannabis was called weed/grass/herb/smoke/etc. –  it didn’t go by cool strain names. It came from a crushed baggie filled with someone’s ‘basement blend’ of questionable potency. But we smoked it. Out of a cored out apple, a DIY PVC pipe, a crushed soda can, and any imaginable bong scenario we could come up with whatever supplies we sniped from our parents’ garages and closets. Sometimes we were lucky enough to know someone who had an actual commercially produced bong, making them the designated smoke spot.

Once I lit up for the first time, it was my elixir of choice. I never sought out to get ‘wasted’ and I will never understand how marijuana could ever be considered a ‘gateway drug,’ as it’s enough for every other pot smoker I’ve known. I have yet to meet any regular Cannabis consumer who eventually graduated to main-lining hard drugs. As an adult, I still prefer to relax with Cannabis as opposed to alcoholic spirits. I take pleasure in Cannabis both recreationally and medicinally.

Even from a young age, I could see how Cannabis positively affected my workouts and body. I figured out how to use Cannabis to enhance my strength and cardio workout sessions and how to recover quickly. I found relief when I got struck with a migraine. Say nothing of the nausea that accompanied said migraine. It helped me tremendously in times of insomnia  – better than any heavy prescription did. After sinus surgery, nothing helped the pain and inflammation better than what I can now deem as a miracle ‘herb.’

Before I give you the misconception of a squandered youth, let me set a few things straight. I love Cheech and Chong and Snoop Dogg as much as the next guy, but it’s time to shift the image the Cannabis Industry. Lies and myths perpetuated by Big Pharm and the government are reinforced by the humorous version of a ‘stoner’ that Hollywood serves us. I ‘get’ and laugh at the stoner antics on the big screen but in real life, those (very funny) stereotypes are just…wrong.

Consuming alcohol doesn’t mean you’re living at the bar until you pass out at closing time, just as consuming Cannabis won’t mean you’ll be melting into the couch with Cheeto dust stained fingers and your brain cells zapped for eternity.

I am never/rarely (never say never) late, always dressed in clean clothes, get up very early, eat a very healthy diet and am active every day. Just about all the characterizations played out in entertainment are wrong. As I’ve admitted, I smoked weed throughout high school and college. Even then, I had excellent grades, played sports, and was in the band (yep – total dork) and never knew ANY stereotypical burnouts or saw TV pothead behavior in schoolmates. Marijuana was more or less a social thing.

…and the People who Consume Cannabis

Speaking of social. I’m an introvert. There’s no other way to put it. Not only does Cannabis change that (make me human), but the people who smoke Marijuana do too. In addition to its countless medicinal considerations, Cannabis has a great history and a deep welcoming culture. No matter where I lived, getting offered a ‘hit’ by a stranger automatically created an instant bond in the form of the sanctimonious puff-puff-pass. When you stand/sit in the circle with your new ‘people,’ it’s as if there’s a shared secret amongst the group. In the pot circle, there is no age, race, sex, ego and then there’s the simple act of trusting the stranger to your right enough to take something that was in their mouth and, without hesitation, put it in yours. How much more inclusive can you get? I’ve met the most amazing people by just accepting a ‘hit’ offered to me. People that my introverted self would never voluntarily start a conversation with, and sadly, I would be missing out.

The Shame

For now, I have to keep some details in the dark. I understand there still is a strong social stigma attached to Cannabis consumption and not everyone feels the same way about Cannabis as we do. I understand but I have to eat too. I don’t discuss my relationship with Cannabis with clientele as it has nothing to do with their paid time with me. This is true for anything else I do outside of work that doesn’t have to do with their program.

Clients that bring it up that they already consume Cannabis or are interesting in how to incorporate it into their workout program properly get full disclosure. Remember I mentioned the automatic camaraderie amongst Cannabis consumers? It’s real, people.

The same goes for basically everyone else. From a secret closeted space, I can say I am a proud Cannabis consumer and not have to look around to make sure my youngest family members aren’t within earshot. I prefer to not have everything I say or do have the added scrutiny of being filtered through the misconstrued image society has of a ‘pothead.’

So for now, in some circles, I stay quiet. I keep my mouth closed on what may be the biggest secret of the time –  that Cannabis is one of the most therapeutic, natural, and SAFE substances we have available that can be THE supplement to any health and wellness program and cure to almost whatever ails you.

How I Got Started

My academic background began with a finance degree that I immediately shelved, and moved my education to health and nutrition. In the corporate world, I created wellness guides for companies and developed strength and nutrition programs for sports teams. Eventually, I moved into training people one on one. I found it to be more fulfilling personally and I realized it was the only way to guarantee success. Not only are there too are many considerations that need to be taken into account on an individual level, but there truly is no one size fits all.  By addressing people as individuals one on one, I was able to see people meet and exceed their goals more effectively and more efficiently.

I admit I chose the finance track for the wrong reasons.  It was practical, everyone around me told me so, and math and science came easily to me, so any alternatives appeared frivolous. In high school, I worked as a bookkeeper. Most of what I did was find all the problems in various reconciliations and reports, but I loved puzzles. I still do. I assumed this was the kind of work I should do, but as pragmatic as a finance degree was, at the time I didn’t know it was possible to make a career out of health and not be tethered inside a hospital all day.  Before I graduated, I met a girl in the gym that told me she was thinking of pursuing exercise science and nutrition and I knew straight away what I was going to do. As it turns out, people and their puzzles are the most interesting and sometimes trickiest puzzles to assemble. Most of the pieces are the same but figuring out the individual variable pieces is what I do best.

As much as I despise the word diet, I eventually came to specialize in ‘high maintenance’ clients. Clients, dumped by other colleagues as they couldn’t help someone with food allergies or chronic fatigue syndrome. It was when I assembled my first health fair that I was knocked back with the number of health and fitness concerns that could never be solved with just one approach. Much like solving a jigsaw puzzle, I found to look at a person from all angles.

You may find yourself on a plateau that makes you think ‘this is as good as it gets’ or you believe your gut issues/ food intolerances/failed attempts in the past will limit your progress. I’ve learned that especially if your health and fitness goals/concerns are outside of the ‘norm’ (who wants to be normal anyway?), putting together their unique puzzle is like giving them a whole new life.

I help people solve their health and fitness concerns with Cannabis, personalized workouts, and specialized diets to accommodate food allergies, alleviate gut distress, and even improve mental acuity.

Keto, Paleo, Vegan, Atkins, Intermittent fasting…there are advantages and disadvantages to every approach. I make sure to weigh out all the considerations when applying any new eating habits. The same can be said about Cannabis and it’s many modalities. Due to the changing public attitude and new legality in certain states and countries, we have had a chance to (somewhat openly) explore how to best work it into your health and wellness routine. We know that certain strains and methodologies can produce different results and effects.

I completely understand Cannabis is not for everyone. I am not here to necessarily change your mind, but rather encourage you to be open to the idea that there are certain components of the Cannabis plant that have some amazing health benefits, with or without the mental effects.

More About Me

I’ve mentioned, as a rule, I keep my private life private. If you’re a client you’re paying for my time and expertise, not to hear what I binged on Netflix during the last snowstorm. However, small talk in the office before or after a session will generally bring up the same inquiries. Haven’t heard enough? Here are a few facts and tidbits to get to know me better.

I have a shamefully co-dependent relationship with my dog. Like most dog owners, I prefer her company to that of most people. Don’t take it personally. With her, I don’t have to maintain a conversation, she’s always happy to see me, even if I’ve only gone to the mailbox and back, and frankly, she challenges me to be a better hiker.

Fun story: I dropped my phone (have no idea how) while walking my dog between clients. It was found, turned into the police station, and shortly brought back to me at the gym before I knew it was missing. The background picture on my screen is, wait for it…my dog. She’s known in the area that she belongs to me at that gym. Clearly, I’m keeping the screen as is.

To get my heart pumping, I prefer to get outside to cardio machines. I’ve been a runner all my life. I will run until the day I die. With a pair of sneakers, I can run anywhere. And yes, I absolutely consume Cannabis before I run. I can personally confirm its multitude of positive influences on running. There is no comparing a run without it. Those runs are not for the record books.

Hiking is my absolute favorite activity to do on any given weekend (or weekday if given the opportunity). I honestly cannot think of a better way to move your body. Call it exercise, call it meditation, call it your connection to nature, it’s the most fulfilling way to test your body, relax your mind, and sleep soundly. When I have a client or friend in crisis, it’s my favorite way to immediately help them feel better through a workout on a trail and a conversation from a different perspective. Last year I started going by myself. With my dog, of course. Co-dependent, remember? Without the distractions from another person, hiking alone is its own special experience that I recommend everyone enjoy.

Weather permitting, if I’m not hiking, it’s tennis or kayaking. Before you mistakenly conclude I may actually be cool, think again. We are not talking rapids here. We are talking lakes and rivers mostly. Before you ask. I bring my dog. She loves it. Why wouldn’t she? She gets to chilll and literally glide along without any workload.

My grandfather was a chef so maybe it’s in my blood, as they say, but I LOVE to cook. Although I don’t want to have the obligation of putting out a big spread every day,  I look forward to the excuse of a holiday to experiment with flavors and combinations of foods. I love trying to recreate an authentic dish from its original whole ingredients and investigating alternatives to accommodate food allergies or other dietary considerations.

I currently live in a state where Marijuana is legal both for medicinal and recreational purposes. I possess a Medical Marijuana card for my state and frequent the medical marijuana dispensaries over recreational. Although I don’t think it’s responsible to go around breaking the laws you disagree with, when I lived in states where it was illegal, I personally made that choice by weighing the risks against the benefits. If you are in this predicament, I feel your pain and completely understand. Again, I’m not telling you to break the law but I understand if you do.  I may or may not have a few tips on how to avoid detection.

What Else You Will Find Here

I have turned my obsession with needing to know how/why and my passion for health and fitness into a place where science, education, and results come together with a little help from Cannabis. Subscribe and you’ll also get:

  • All the secrets, tips, tricks and otherwise effective techniques that up until now I only shared with (paying) one on one clients
  • How/where/what to start. Whether it’s been a few minutes or a few decades, things have changed. I’ll guide you through all the Cannabis accouterments and show you what you need, don’t need, and what you should put on your wish list.
  • I definitely have my favorite tools of the trade – but I LOVE anything new that might be more creative, healthier, smarter, more efficient, or a just plain cooler gadget to get the job done. I break down the newest innovations and inventions being brought to the market.
  • The truth. I won’t hold anything back. I don’t know everything, but I am happy to share everything I do know and learn along the way.

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