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THC new contributor at canuvoThe Health Cannabist (me!) has a new home. Or rather, a home away from home. Let me explain.

I’m excited/honored/grateful/amazed/pleased to announce that The Health Cannabist is now Resident “Canna Nerd” and Contributor to Canuvo!

Contributor at Canuvo!

canuvo contributor

Canuvo is one of the only eight Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Maine. As a longtime customer and a full-time research fanatic, I have to say they are doing everything right. There’s plenty of black market cannabis out there and I could even grow my own, but not like what I find at Canuvo.

I am more than happy to drive the hour+ to procure the best medicine for myself; high-quality cannabis medicine that is grown and processed without harmful toxins and contaminants. Medicine for #HFCC’s and discriminating medical patients alike.

Best MMJ Dispensary in Maine


canuvo dispensaryFor years, I have witnessed Canuvo’s cannabist specialists (popularly referred to as Budtenders) take any amount of time and patience necessary to educate every customer. Like cannabis medicine matchmakers, their cannabis strain and concentrate recommendations are on point.

Their team of employees is like family (and some of them are actually related or married to each other). Although I didn’t initially choose them for the atmosphere, it’s their unique setup that I have come to appreciate the most.

After browsing, patients are shown a private room (think doctor’s office level privacy – door and all) to purchase and get one-on-one answers about strains, individual products, efficacy, and dosing. Canuvo’s staff will even follow up with you after you get started. I can’t help but be drawn into that level of care and compassion they demonstrate for their patients.

Medicinal Matchmakers

canuvo budtenders

The best thing about them is all the stuff they do that they don’t tell anyone about. Allow me to brag on their behalf for a moment. I can’t divulge (yet) exactly what and how many, but behind closed doors in an unknown location, with a list of people sworn to secrecy, Canuvo has a bunch of new things in the pipeline.

“Canuvo Lab?”

By new things, I mean MEDICINE. There will be new products that are not on the shelves yet. New products that will be able to relieve patients from some form of suffering. New ways of medicating with cannabis that isn’t available yet. VERY exciting stuff here, people!

The “Canuvo Lab” (as I picture it) is constantly pumping out new cannabis medicinal products in order to ensure effective medicine for everyone – no matter what condition or limitations in consumption a person has.

This isn’t meant to be a sales pitch for the place I just happen to purchase my cannabis from. But since I get asked all the time, these are the people I trust to grow and to produce the medicine that I rely on to maintain my optimal health.

Subscribe for the Inside Scoop!

subscribe to canuvoYou can understand why I’m so excited to announce that The Health Cannabist (AKA Canna Nerd) also resides now over at Canuvo. I’ll be extending the same topics of cannabis, health, patient education, and research, but with the advantage of an inside scoop.

Educational subjects, covering everything that goes into growing and making YOUR cannabis medicine:

  • The evolution of a cannabis seed to medicine on dispensary shelves.
  • How to try new strains, introduce concentrates, and dose optimally.
  • How medicinal cannabis brings your body to homeostasis (ie: optimal health)

Subscribe to Canuvo to stay up on the latest in cannabis health research and learn the cannabis industry secrets – from the inside of the best Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) Dispensary on the east coast. If you happen to live in my neck of the woods (Southern Maine), I encourage you to check them out.

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