A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Tom from Kannaboomers on his Podcast. Let me sidebar a moment and confess my adoration for podcasts. I listen to podcasts over watching TV. I listen to them when running, folding laundry, taking a bath. I love them.

The overlap of health or nutrition podcasts with cannabis is as small as you think it is. Maybe smaller. Most cannabis related podcasts focus on the stigmatized and antiquated stereotypes of cannabis consumers. Kannaboomers podcast does a good job of shifting the discussion.

Kannaboomer’s podcast hit my radar earlier this year so I was beyond thrilled upon receiving his invite.  Tom does a great job of choosing guests that kick that old, tired “stoner” persona to the curb. If you happen to have your ear open to a podcast that focuses on all the ways cannabis can improve your life while aging gracefully, I urge you to subscribe to Kannaboomers. You won’t be disappointed. 

Unfortunately, Tom isn’t as lucky as me and has to use a moniker in order to not risk his job. After hanging out with him for an hour though, I’m happy to say that I don’t need to know his real name in order to appreciate his kindred spirit in his approach to health, wellness, anti-aging, and all things cannabis.

We got a little personal discussing my codependency with my five-pound poodle and my sinus surgery. Mostly, we dug into cannabis as a biohacker and the key to anti-aging.

Learn how the medicinal molecules within cannabis can change your entire health and your life. Find out what #HFCC is all about and how cannabis is the ultimate performance enhancer.

Listen, learn, and spread the word.

…and subscribe to the Kannaboomers Podcast.

Follow Tom on Twitter @Kannaboomers_

And where Tom writes about cannabis, wellness, and the aging population: kannaboomers.com 


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