Understanding the #HFCC

What is an #HFCC? What does this hashtag represent? A chemical? A reference to a gene? Maybe a hip new brand. Perhaps a fad diet? Does it even pertain to cannabis or health?

High Functioning Cannabis Consumers, or #HFCCs, is an emerging group of lifestyle consumers who employ basic principles in their use of cannabis, such as use with intent, microdosing, and introspection (with the goals of holistic wellness and preventive care).   

#HFCC Genesis

#HFCC Genesis
It was probably 20 years ago when the concept of the #HFCC emerged in my professional life. It was in the form of a client who I had been training for more than a year. Accomplished and articulate, he was the owner of a large company. He traveled via private plane and helicopter and was my Rotary Club sponsor. A relatively straight-laced, conservative persona.

Several of his family members had become my clients by this time. It was his sister who admitted during her session that her brother had started “growing pot” on the property (the family had a bit of a compound.) She nonchalantly confessed his secret as if I already knew that he “smoked pot all day.”

Evolution of the Highly Functioning Stoner

#HFCC professionalMy client was a fellow cannabis consuming traveler. But one would never know it. He too had learned to manage health and life’s symptoms with cannabis with discreet stealth. But he wasn’t like most self-admitted “pot smokers” I knew.

According to his sister, my client “got high” before his feet slid out of bed in the morning. Apparently, he self-medicated as such to manage a mountain of anxiety that would otherwise leave him bed-bound and alcoholic.

At the time, I secretly dubbed my client a Highly Functioning Stoner, or HFS (a nickname that my husband had given me years previously). My client had discovered the power of microdosing with cannabis for life and performance enhancement while maintaining an image that was about as far to the right of what I thought “pot smoker” looked like at the time.

#HFCC questions

As much as I was enthralled by his existence, regrettably, I never took the opportunity to inquire with my client about his consumption habits, including the strains of cannabis flower he employed, how much he consumed, and his favored consumption avenues.

Birth to Death

My personal focus on elevating myself to a “highly functional” cannabis consumer meant finally hanging up the tired term of “stoner.” Hilarious as it may be at times–especially when depicted by Hollywood–the anachronistic terminology used to describe cannabis and its consumers is done. It’s far from accurate in describing most of the people that imbibe medically or recreationally. Simply put: This erroneously misleading language misses the true healing power of cannabis.


Stoner. High. Dope. Baked. Doobie. Weed. Grass. Fatty. Burnout. Blazed. Pothead.


#HFCC wordsVernacular that simply fails to illustrate the ability to both consume and supplement with cannabis and be a functional and productive member of society. Words are powerful. They paint a picture.

The old prohibitionist language surrounding this sacred plant needs to change if we want to shake the ever pervasive and stigma-riddled reputation held by cannabis over the decades. Images of haze-filled rooms decorated with shag carpeting, lava lamps, and tie-dye wall tapestries represent the metaphorical awkward teenage years of a newly legal culture-cum-industry. Six-foot bongs, hotboxing, and the finely honed art of melting into the couch covered in Cheeto dust are soon to be ancient history.

Born Again

#HFCC active performance enhancementBorn is the #HFCC, the Highly Functioning Cannabis Consumer. The wake-n-baker of yesteryear graduated, got a job, and doesn’t smoke weed anymore. #HFCCs are healthy and active. An #HFCC may consume cannabis, but cannabis doesn’t consume the #HFCC.

Never intending to get “wasted,” the #HFCC consumes cannabis to manage and maintain health and performance. Cannabis isn’t the only thing that an #HFCC thinks or talks about, However, it’s typically the first thing they consider for symptom relief. The #HFCC seeks balance and homeostasis, not an escape from the responsibilities of life.

More than Merely Molecules

#HFCC moleculeCannabis isn’t the only thing the #HFCC consumes. A responsible and enlightened #HFCC feeds their mind knowledge with the same enthusiasm that they feed their body THC. The #HFCC understands cannabis in terms of how it can heal and improve health.

An #HFCC typically isn’t the most obvious or outspoken cannabis advocate. But when the prohibition-pushing message of reefer madness is vocalized in the office break room or at a dinner party, the #HFCC can explain to anyone within earshot about microdosing or the difference between the medicinal phytocannabinoids such as THC and CBD. A dedicated #HFCC can wax poetic about terpenes. The #HFCC epitomizes the future of legal cannabis as it will be embraced by average middle-class consumers.

Not caring for references of sativa and indica, an educated #HFCC speaks a language rife with quips about cannabinoids, references to a magical biological system found in all mammals called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), and a variety of efficacy issues regarding dosing and consumption avenues. Sometimes annoyingly knowledgeable about strain variances and concentrates, an #HFCC is typically the first person contacted when one needs to learn about the medicinal effects of cannabis for a patient or loved one with a particular disease or condition.

Understanding the #HFCC

understanding #HFCC lifeThe #HFCC may be the all-day-every-day consumer of cannabis that most would never suspect of inhaling. In reality, the #HFCC has been biohacking with cannabis for years. Sometimes microdosing, sometimes macrodosing, they use cannabis to modulate their body’s biological systems for optimal health and performance.

Cannabis for Illness: The #HFCC is healthy and active. When rare times of illness are presented, cannabis always proves to excel over medical or pharmaceutical interventions. Anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-depressant. Cannabis beats almost everything Big Pharma has concocted in their poisonous laboratories and the #HFCC knows it after testing it time and time again.

Cannabis for Exercise Performance Enhancement: Enhancing exercise performance with cannabis isn’t new to the #HFCC. As a pre-workout supplement, they gain focus and enhanced performance. Afterward, cannabis eases any pain so they sleep easily and enjoys the benefits of a faster recovery that features decreased inflammation.

Cannabis for Productivity and Focus: It’s not all about physical health. The #HFCC has to manage the same stresses of the same obligations, deadlines, and anxieties that plague their peers. The #HFCC knows how to use cannabis to manage the physical and mental stresses and imbalances that can take a person out of the game. Productivity and focus are enhanced with cannabis supplementation, and the #HFCC knows it.

Cannabis for Relationships: One need not know anything about cannabis to appreciate that a healthy and balanced person is an attractive, desirable person. Unstable moods, unhealthy and self-sabotaging bad behaviors, and the terrible side effects from maladies (and the pharmaceutical drugs typically prescribed to deal with them) are all tough to live with or be around. Hacking relationships with cannabis, the #HFCC possesses vastly improved health and is mentally and physically present in their relationships. Free of emotional and physical hindrances, they are able to engage and perform when necessary.

Cannabis for Life: Medicating life’s problems with alcohol is fine for some and sometimes even the #HFCC, but given the option, they will almost exclusively de-stress with cannabis. A euphoric elixir, cannabis lifts the mood and gives social circles everywhere a bond amongst a tribe. But the #HFCC appreciates waking up full of energy, without the destructive aftermath typical after drinking.

Coming out Green

#HFCC coming out greenNot wanting every thought, word, or behavior to be scrutinized through the “pothead” filter of common perception, #HFCCs often exist “in the closet.”

Coming out green, revealing publicly (or privately) that you consume cannabis can be difficult and is not always without repercussions. But those of us who are publicly open about our cannabis consumption sleep lighter, without the weighty burden of a deep dark secret.  

Remember, as a bonafide Highly Functioning Cannabis Consumer, you hold the secret. The secret to biohacking health, body and mind for optimal performance in every aspect of your life.

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